MP says Trudeau fits definition of 'dictator' in House of Commons - Ask Abe

Member of Parliament Rachael Thomas of Lethbridge did the right thing on Monday and Called Trudeau a dictator, she then had to use a dictionary to explain to the liberals in the Commons what the word actually means.

"I just did a quick review in the dictionary. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a dictator is a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force.

"There are many Canadians," she said, continuing, "who hold the view that this does apply to Mr. Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada."

Given Trudeau's recent actions in regards to lockdowns and Trucker protests, her definition (as defined by Oxford) fits. Cue the progressive bandwagon to start the Oxford book burnings.

The media party forever eager to please their master, you know .. the guy that wears black face, quickly jumped into action to defend their jobs, I mean ... to defend Trudeau (I think that's the same thing). 

Steven Chase of the Globe and Mail tweeted about it below, and it is hilariously transparent. 

Steven started by tweeting the MP's memerable quip, and I imagine he crumpled his face to maximize a distasteful look, as if he had just bit upon a lemon, "many Canadians hold the view that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fits the definition of a dictator". 

So far so good, but then he follows up by saying, in what he apparently thought was a crushing slap down, "She did not cite a poll". lol. Yes, a poll!   The media's favourite fake tool to question credibility (besides interviews with unknown street urchins that parrot what the reporters want presented). I bet a poll is already in the works, a scathing Twitter poll by CTV, or CBC, or the Globe and Mail that quickly proves that Trudeau is universally loved across Canadian cyberspace. Hell, I bet the poll will find Canadians wish he was our dictator. Media polls are as dishonest as media fact checkers.

Well here's the thing Steven, the honourable Rachael Thomas is a member of Parliament, meaning she is the elected representative of MANY MANY MANY Canadians. She speaks for them. She represents them. They voted for her because she thinks like them. So what she said is extraordinarily noteworthy and a reflection of her constituents. A duly elected MP's word is better than your fake polls. 

And bravo to the honorable Rachael Thomas for speaking what's on our minds.

Ask Abe.