Trudeau calls EU racist and mysoginistic after they criticize him for human rights violations against Canadian Citizens. - Satire - Ask Abe

Trudeau calls EU racist and misogynistic after being criticized for human rights violations against Canadian Citizens. 

When asked why he had violently targeted peaceful political dissidence Trudeau responded,

"Well, um, you see, um, Canadians are against, um, these types of values, um".

The "values" apparently being disagreement with Trudeau. The CBC later clarified that the highest moral virtue one can hold in Canada is absolute obedience and compliance with Trudeauian doctrine.    

Apparently, Trudeau was taking a page out of Dr. Fauci's book, where Fauci had claimed he WAS science and to disagree with science was to disagree with Fauci: In a similar fashion, Trudeau now claims HE is Canada, and anyone that doesn't agree with Trudeau isn't Canadian. This begs the question, if they aren’t representative of Canadian values, AKA being Canadian, then what does that make them? Sub-Canadian? And do sub-Canadians in Trudeau's dystopian vision share in all the RIGHTS that `real' Canadians share in? Apparently they don't, which is why various EU members are calling out Trudeau for forcefully stripping these rights, and essentially making select citizens sub-Canadian.  

Trudeau then attempted to pull up a pant leg to distract the press with his socks

The European Press, undissuaded by Trudeau's red polyester hammer, star and sickle socks, continued on the same line of questioning. 

"Mr. Trudeau, why did you target Canadian bank accounts and seize their money?"

"Mr. Trudeau, why did you trample a handicapped senior citizen with RCMP horses?"

"Mr. Trudeau, why did you incarcerate political dissidents?"

Clearly confused that the foreign press didn't want to have selfies with him like the Canadian press, eyewitnesses claim that Trudeau fumbled to composed himself.

"It was looking bad for him, but then something shifted, he dug deep inside, drawing upon his drama teacher training, suppressing emotion to project his best smug self-righteous smirk". It's always important to look the part; If you're going to act like a jackass, you need to look like one. Plus, it buys you a few critical seconds to reflect before you answer.

It was then that Trudeau remembered what his butt had told him (yes, he named his butt Gerald and talks to it - eerily similar to a Jim Carrey skit). All critical questions have one answer, a default Liberal axiom to deflect criticism. The one answer that answers all questions: call them a racist. So he did, he declared that "the EU was racist and misogynistic". He then arched his eyebrows, even the glued on one, half smiled and walked away like he was a movie star (only the role he was playing was a dimwitted version of Stalin).

The CBC couldn’t let this stand and had to interpret for Justine, with a written response.

“inglish (sic) isn’t Trudeau’s ferst (sic) langage (sic) so we exlane (sic). If our supreem (sic) authority said their (sic) rasist (sic), then that means their (sic) rasist (sic)”.

The CBC explained that the immaculate (Justine) Trudeau was the re-incarnation of (Pierre) Trudeau, and that the video archived prophecies foretold that the second coming of the Trudeau would vastly increase their funding. And it is for this reason and this reason alone that he is always right. And if you disagree, the CBC will report it to Trudeau who’ll whine to the RCMP to push the RBC and CIBC to freeze your RESP and RRSP.

Only, the International press is unaffected by this, so the CRTC and CBC will just label European inquiries as fake news and suppress them from the Canadian airways. Trudeau's green policy is to leave Canadians in the dark.

Ask Abe.