A&W Canada trials fully compostable coffee cups at Toronto stores - World Coffee Portal

A&W becomes Canada’s first major quick-service restaurant chain to pilot the fully compostable Zero Cup as tackling single-use waste returns to prominence following the pandemic

Takeaway customers at Toronto branches of A&W will hit the streets with a curious looking
coffee cup from this month. The Canadian quick-service restaurant chain is piloting the Zero Cup at, a single-use coffee cup that contains no plastic liner and a foldable top that negates the need for a plastic lid.

The coffee cup concept was designed by UK-based ButterflyCup, with A&W becoming the first major chain in North America to pilot the design. ...

“Each year, A&W Canada serves millions of takeout drinks, so finding a more sustainable single-use cup solution is one way we can make a big difference,” said Susan Senecal, President & CEO of A&W Canada. ...

So, is that a cat eared cup? Or maybe a saddle cup? What should we call it?

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