Canadian calls Trudeau a Communist F**k to his face - Twitter Video - Ask Abe

I'm hoping this starts a trend that will end all Trudeau selfies!! For a recap: There's Trudeau, selfy queen, the bell of the ball-less mixing it with the plebs: And someone calls him a f-ing communist to his face. I'm sure I can see Trudeau's bottom lip quivering. This man is a hero and he speaks for Canada, he is our voice. He had the opportunity to say what we all want to say to Trudeau, and he took it. I once refused to shake hands with PM Chretien, and I was quite pleased with my fortitude in that situation. But this guy, man, he takes it to an entire new level. Trudeau's probably suffering insomnia now, reliving that moment over and over again, dreading that it might go viral, and that everyone will see him being verbally Will Smith slapped.  It kinda brightens your day. Thank you unknown stranger, thank you. Ask Abe.