Rex Murphy: Ignore what's happening in the world. The Trudeau government does - National Post

Amazing as it is, as inflation insidiously crawls across the land, skyrocketing gasoline prices freeze the blood (with a federal carbon tax increase set to hit on April Fool’s Day), as the economy is stifled by debt, supply chains rattle or crumble, and the country crawls out of the devastation of the COVID clampdowns, the Trudeau-Singh coalition government has announced its most determined climate agenda for Canada ever.

In Vancouver on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, back-stopped by his non-present partner, Jagmeet Singh, leader of the Liberal-merged NDP, announced the new, improved, let-us-save-the-world-by-killing-Alberta-and-the-oil-industry climate plan. ...

Europe went green. It tossed away the energy it had, which was both secure and reliable, and signed on to the fantasy of “let’s get to net-zero.”

The cold man in the Kremlin was pleased. How could he not be? He is cruel; he is not stupid. He knew that as long as his oligarchic Russia held the rescue line for Europe’s most basic requirement — real, reliable, carbon-emitting energy — he could invade where he wished and stare back, a grin on his face, at energy-dependent, global-warming virtuous, Europe.

Putin knew another truth. The only “energy” that comes out of the current green fascination is an energy that enables posture and show. We do not like Putin. But he is teaching the world an old fact. Real politics always blast show politics. We have an epidemic of show politics in the West, and hardly anywhere more pervasive than in Canada under Coalition.

We are not leaders in the fight against global climate change. We are stooges in a mock show of virtue signalling.

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