Canada's new wealth Tax on your Home - Video - Nomad Capitalist

Warning ⚠️ Something new is coming to Canada…a new tax class. Trudeau wants to increase taxes on any wealth to pay for his uncontrolled spending. This new tax rate in Canada is primarily targeted towards property owners, and it seems to disproportionately target BC, where 20% of their homes will be subjected to it. Bottom line: this is communism 101, a massive wealth redistribution and a component of a living wage for non-workers. They market this as a fake initiative to end homelessness, in which they give people free accommodations. But how do you pay for that? To date, we have been printing money to pay for it, but as you can imagine, that is not sustainable. So they are going to attempt to raise the money by taking it from your personal property: your home. They want to take from these people (~10% of the population) to help cover the cost of giving out free places to those that did not earn them.