The Constitution is a deal. If Alta and Sask leave, could anyone blame them? Financial Post

Bruce Pardy: Alberta Court of Appeal tees up an argument for western separation - Financial Post

Last week, the Alberta Court .. ruled that the federal Impact Assessment Act is an unconstitutional infringement on provincial powers. In a 121-page judgment .. the .. judges said Parliament had taken a wrecking ball to the constitutional right of the citizens of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and other provinces to have their natural resources developed for their benefit. The decision championed Canada’s federal system as fundamental to the country’s existence. In so doing .. it sets up an effective argument for western separation.

The Impact Assessment Act (IAA), passed in 2019 as Bill C-69, replaced the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 and the National Energy Board Act. ...

But C-69 differs from its predecessor ... it expand the environmental, social, and economic factors to be taken into account, including gender-based analysis and climate-change accounting, but it also extends the .. reach of the federal process to ... projects situated wholly within a province, such as oil sands developments. ...

If the Supreme Court does overturn the Alberta decision .. what are western .. provinces to think? The .. Trudeau government has signalled its hostility to fossil fuel development, its disdain for the fortunes of western provinces .. and its disregard for the autonomy of provinces built into the Constitution.

The Constitution is a deal. If Alberta and Saskatchewan resolved to leave, could anyone blame them?

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