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Trudeau doesn't like Canada's economic engine, and he is mentally inebriated enough to believe he can wave a legislative magic stogy in the air to recreate it (or as these communist cultist are fond of saying, reset it). He has the hubris to believe that he, a drama teacher, understands the complexity of the model, with a thousand years of cumulative progress, of refinements upon refinements, of genius' building upon the work of genius', to scrap it and arbitrarily make a new economic engine, one that doesn't need carbon. This is not sound economically and it fails to understand that the science necessary for this endeavor doesn't exist. It is when one ventures away from discernible reality and pushes forward into a fuzzy dreamlike state of make-believe that you see these policy makers and their voters, are engaged in a cultic endeavor: they seek an utopic vision of the long lost green paradise of Eden.

When Trudeau took office, Canada was running deficit free. That's right, Harper had paid off Canada's deficit and we were ready to pay down our debt. Now under Trudeau, the 2022-2023 budget is diving us into the red, deep into the red, by $53 billion dollars. 2021-2022 was $147.9 billion dollars. 2020-2021 was a whopping $314 billion dollars. Add it up and you'll see that Trudeau has added a 1/2 trillion dollars to our debt.

Numbers like these are starting to break things. Here's a graph of the Canadian National Home Price index, where you can see that the average home cost ~$439,000 when Trudeau took office. It's now at ~$869,000. That's the average house price in Canada because of this government!  House prices essentially doubled under Trudeau's short tenor as Prime Minister. When Federal election day rolls around again, the average price to buy a home should be over a million dollars.

And adding insult to injury, mortgage rates have doubled as well under Trudeau, making home ownership an impossibility for many and soon for most. 

Our posted inflation rate is 6.8 percent for the year. That means that every year things are increasing in price by 7 percent. How long can that continue before everyone is homeless or starving? And these governmental numbers are fake and baked with a bit of slight of hand to make them appear better. Trudeau's CBC says housing increased by 6.6 percent this year, but the Canadian Real Estate Association says they're up 29%. Again, that's almost a 30% increase in one year! And if his housing numbers are that crooked, you know that his posted cumulative inflation rate is likely rigged as well, and likewise considerably higher. 

Trudeau's legacy is truly Canada's bankruptcy.

Ask Abe.

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