Trudeau's policies will put Canada's food supply in peril and lead to higher prices - Maxime Bernier - Kitco News - Video

The Canadian government's plan to reduce fertilizer emissions will lead to "less food," and cause food prices "to go up," said Maxime Bernier, Founder and Leader of the People's Party of Canada.

"The goal for the government is to reduce emissions coming from farmers by 30 percent," he explained. "They will have to cut fertilizers, and we'll have less food and prices will go up."

Dutch farmers are currently protesting a similar fertilizer reduction policy in the Netherlands.

Bernier said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's fertilizer policy stems from climate change "ideology," and is grounded in a "philosophy that is socialism."

"Greenhouse gas emissions in Canada are less than 2 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions," he explained. "Canada won't save the world. This is a philosophy that is socialism, and we will fight that."


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