Drunk Trudeau slammed as idiot at Queen's funeral - Daily Mail

 "Drunk" Canadian PM Trudeau is slammed by British press as a 'tone deaf embarrassment' for singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody at London hotel before Elizabeth II's state funeral

Justin Trudeau faced intense criticism after he was recorded singing ... Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody following an evening dinner just two days before Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral ... while the UK and Commonwealth were in their official period of mourning. 

Trudeau, 50, was one of the many world leaders who traveled to the United Kingdom to meet his new monarch, King Charles III, and pay their respects to the Queen at the monumental funeral Monday morning.

Wearing a casual maroon t-shirt, Trudeau was seen standing over a piano during an ad lib singalong with other members of his formal Canadian delegation in the lobby of the central London hotel ...

Trudeau, who has become known for his woke virtue signaling politics, seemed oblivious to the solemn reason for his visit to London as he sang along with the lyrics: 'Easy come, easy go. Little high, little low.' ...

The unearthed video has evoked fury across the world - as many slammed the PM for indulging in partying less than 48 hours before the Queen's funeral at Westminster Abbey. She served as Canada's head of state for 70 years.

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