Islamic Terrorists fight for Ukraine against Russia - The Cradle

Hundreds of Al-Qaeda militants arrive in Ukraine from Syria
The Al-Qaeda militants arrived just days after Russian intelligence warned that Washington was providing them with training for the fight in Ukraine

Around 450 militants from ... (the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda), arrived in Ukraine on 8 March to fight against the Russian army.

The militants reportedly left ... Syria only three days ago, entering Ukraine after passing through Turkey.

The militants consist of both Arab and foreign nationals, as HTS, ISIS ...

Members of the militants reported ... that high-ranking HTS fighters are coordinating with senior leaders of the Turkistan Islamic Party group, Ansar al-Tawhid, and Hurras al-Din groups, to facilitate the passage of fighters from Idlib to Turkey and then on to Ukraine.

The sources explained further that many of those who have gone to Ukraine are veterans of the ... war against the Syrian government and were offered this new task...

The income for ... [ISIS terrorists] is reported to be around $1,200-$1,500 [per terrorist per month]. ...

Foreign mercenaries from around the globe have joined in on the side of Ukraine as President Volodymyr Zelensky pleads for global assistance in the wake of the Russian military operation.

Russian intelligence services warned ... that the US was sending extremist militants ... to Ukraine to fight against Russia. Moscow has accused Washington of training these extremist militants at the US Al-Tanf military base in southeastern Syria. ...

So, to sum up this article, NATO (which includes Canada) is employing and training and equiping Islamic terrorists to fight for Ukraine against Russia. If the good guys are terrorists that want to destroy the West, who are the bad guys again? And isn't it self evident that these new "allies" will turn on us in the near future? Sheesh.

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