Metaverse Cost $1.2 Billion, Has 38 Users - EarlyGame

Facebook is facing ... bad news: They're very own 'Metaverse' is so underpopulated, that it's a legit joke. Here's why.

So, Meta's metaverse ... goes by the name of Decentraland ... Decentraland is a world where you buy and sell virtual property, and the project cost Meta $1.2 billion dollars, and currently has... 38 active users.
Metaverse Is The Biggest Flop Ever

Look, Meta still has a shot at a gaming-foothold with its Quest, thanks to the newly revealed Gamepass addition. As far as their metaverse sandbox, Decentraland, is concerned, though... money wasted. I'll repeat what I stated up top: $1.2 billion budget, with 38 active users in a 24 hour time frame. That's a wtf if I've ever heard one.

To be fair, there is a way to make this number sound better: The 38 users are only the people interacting with contracts and spending money. As far as 'idle' active users goes, the true number is 8000, which... is less than your run-of-the-mill TikTok account gets per video ... 38 active spenders on a project worth $1.2 billion is just too hilarious not to laugh at. Well done Zuckerberg!!

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