I Got the Mark of the Beast – And It Will Hold My Bitcoin - CoinDesk

I have no words for someone who would revel in what he describes as "taking the mark of the Beast" upon himself. This is part of something they call the "trans-humanist movement" where humans are augmented with tech to be pretend cyborgs. The Bible actually mentions something eerily similar to this in "the last days". Article below:

... Three, two and one," the man with the needle said as he pushed it into the squishy part of my left hand, between my thumb and index finger.

It was all of one second of pain, and then it was over. I hardly even bled.

And just like that, I was now officially a cyborg.  

So, what the hell am I doing here? Well several years ago, in 2014, I stumbled on this guy, Martijn Wismeijer, aka Mr. Bitcoin, who had gotten a microchip implant that he then programmed to hold his cryptocurrency ...

With implants, as with cryptocurrency, "the overlap is directly related to people's sense of adventure," he continued.

Case in point, Jerrah Cameron, a Denver-based programmer, who stumbled upon the body hacking scene only about a month ago and already has three implants – two small chips and this larger NFC chip, for which he had a gnarly one-inch slice on the side of his right hand.

For the novelty these devices provide so far – I currently have my chip programmed to take an NFC-enabled phone to my "receive bitcoin" QR code, making it fast and easy for someone to send me a tip – most people won't want to get poked, he said.

That's why he's working on an application that would allow the chips to be used as payment mechanisms, housing first the tokens needed for apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Venmo, and then in the future even cryptocurrencies ...

The pathway to hell my kiddies, the pathway to hell ... 

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