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Pfizer CEO postponed Israel visit because he isn’t fully vaccinated — report


Now, the inquiring mind would find this odd. The CEO of Pfizer, the maker of the mRNA vaccine and proponent for mass vaccinations internationally, isn't following his own advice. Why? Why wouldn't he be fully vaccinated? He is about 60 years old and is adamant that his companies product is completely safe, so why wouldn't he stick that needle in his arm and liberate his body from hostile covid invaders?? I'd say the fact that he didn't, and doesn't, indicates there is more here than the establishment media and governmental agencies are conveying to us. If the CEO of Pfizer doesn't trust the vaccine in his own body, why should we trust it in ours?! Story below:


A visit by the CEO of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer next week was postponed due to the fact that Albert Bourla and his delegation are not yet fully immunized against COVID-19, an Israeli television report said Thursday.

Bourla and some of his team members have had their first shot but have not yet been given the second dose of the company’s vaccine, while others have gotten both doses ... Channel 12 News reported.

The 59-year-old Bourla had previously said he would not cut in line to get the vaccine, despite being head of the company making the drug.

Pfizer confirmed Thursday that the planned visit had been postponed, but when pressed to confirm the reason for the cancellation, it declined to comment.

“We continue to be interested in visiting Israel and meeting with decision-makers, health officials and professionals that are taking part in the successful vaccine drive in Israel,” a spokesperson for Pfizer told Channel 12.

And may I point out here that someone that has never received the vaccine can honestly say they are "not fully vaccinated".

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