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... Despite mainstream media’s best efforts, an observation has crystalized among political observers: three-time winner Justin Trudeau cannot appear in public without being hassled by attendees and/or protestors.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cancelled his event in Surrey ... after protesters showed up and started harassing some of the attendees.”

The reason? You guessed it– racism. According to Global News, protestors shouted out several racial slurs toward the mostly South Asian attendees. Nothing to do with appearance of our PM, of course ...

Earlier this week, Trudeau was called “a criminal” by Indigenous protesters in Kamloops, B.C. That is, according to truth-telling True North News. Legacy media did their duty by spinning away from attendee condemnation, preferring to publish headlines such as:

“Trudeau faces chants, pounding drums as he walks through crowd at Kamloops memorial.”

... CAP has draw a general conclusion: Justin Trudeau ... is hated everywhere he goes. Not only in Canada, but on an international basis, as exemplified in his appearance at a European Parliament conference in March, 2022.

“When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently addressed the European Union Parliament and warned of growing threats to democracy, he received an angry backlash from some elected members who accused him of responding to the recent anti-vaccine mandate convoy protest like a dictator.”

Liberal Party employees CBC News wrote it off as a sentiment expressed by right-wing politicians. In truth, they are just covering for Mr. Trudeau– as they are paid to do.

... Astute Canadians have come to recognize the reason why our PM is continuously treated with vitriol. Media may have obfuscated reality for a period of time, but eventually the truth comes to light.

Justin Trudeau is as fake as a three-dollar toonie. This being the bottom-line reason why Canadians have turned their backs on the man. His early-stage virtual signaling turned out to be hollow. As did his concern for average Canadians. Liberal government policy has over time been proven to be motivated by external political forces ...

Covid, climate change, abortion, euthanasia, LGBT, transgender: all entrenched into society by Justin Trudeau; all representative of the will of the United Nations, WHO, and WEF. Degree of exposure from establishment media: begin and zero, and don’t stop till you get enough ...

Underneath the entire political dynamic lies a condition of pseudo-communism. For the moment, Justin Trudeau remains ...

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