Persecuted Canuck pastor wins COVID mandate court battle - Video - Rebel News

A pastor that was persecuted for 3 years, and who spent a week in jail for refusing to shut down his Church has won and been vindicated by the courts. His apparent crime was to place God above the legislature. When evil is emboldened to persecute, it is good to see the safeguards of the system beat it back! - Abe

 "In 2021, Higher Life Church (formally His Tabernacle Family Church) Lead Pastor Hutchings, and Associate Pastor Cody Butler, were arrested after opening their church doors to community members longing to worship and hear the Gospel despite provincial COVID-19 restrictions on indoor gatherings.

Shockingly, in a country that supposedly guarantees its citizens freedom of religion and conscious, Pastor Hutchings was imprisoned for seven days, church staff were slapped with heavy fines and congregants faced heavy surveillance by the state authorities when gathering with their family in Christ".