The Dangers of the Digital ID - Ontario Party - Video - Ask Abe

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is running full speed ahead to expand Alberta's Digital ID system. This is despite her past and ferocious opposition to the Covid ID app that Trudeau had implemented. Does she understand that your vaccination status is now included in your Alberta Digital ID? Of course she does. Trudeau Covid app bad, but Danielle Smith Covid app good?! It makes you wonder what her pre-UCP leadership race hysteria was all about in regards to the government monitoring our Covid vax status? 

Why is the UCP expanding the government of Alberta's reach into our private information? Why is the UCP building a social credit system infrastructure that can inevitably be used to identify and punish political enemies?

Danielle Smith has promised to implement a healthcare savings account that is funded with a digital government currency. This is not money that you can take out of your account and hold in your hands. This is not money that you can buy a coffee with. This is "your money" they say, but you can only spend it on select products that the government deems permissible. The Government will dictate what you can and can not spend "your" money on. This is insanity and will precipitate the abolition of all our descendant's freedoms. If we are not free to spend "our" money on what we see fit, we are not free. Does anyone remember when New York City tried to ban sugary beverages like pop? That's where we're heading, yet on steroids. This is the first incarnation of a rudimentary government controlled social credit system with a digital ID that will be used to restrict what you can purchase.

Alberta will be the first jurisdiction in North America to have this hybrid digital currency: perhaps the first in the world. We know that China is developing one for greater surveillance and control of it's inhabitants, but Danielle Smith seems geared to beat China to the punch and is posed to bestow that shameful honor on Alberta.  And this push is coming from the right side of the aisle as well as the left ... so we're screwed until common sense returns to the fray. 

At least in Ontario we still see conservatives with the foresight to voice opposition against these Marxist measures. Lets hope Alberta finds a similar voice before it's too late. See video below.



Ask Abe.