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If you ever took the time to read the Paris Accord or the Kioto Agreement, you will know that those climate pacts have little to nothing to do with global warming. They are concerned with global equity and  the redistribution of the worlds wealth from producers and wealth generators to those that do not innovate. In essence, they wish to create a global welfare state where prosperous countries subsidize less prosperous countries. This would be accomplished via environmental taxing and the redistribution of that capital overseas. This is the communist model visualized over a global economy that environmental macerations are meant to actualize. Climate change is a communist propaganda buzzword designed to cudgel opposition and terrorize the ill-informed. It is the means to global socialism with a centralized governance controlling it (aka. a one world government). 

Given that, CSIS recently decided to increase it's previously defined mandate to now include climate change as an existential threat to Canada. But why would they do this and where did they garner the authority to expand their mandate? And where do they want to take this?

Previously, CSIS would be concerned about a terrorist carrying a bomb in his car. Now CSIS seems to be concerned about a Canadian with a full gas-tank in his car. 

Previously, CSIS would be concerned with terrorists using social media for recruitment. Now CSIS is concerned about posts heralding climate skepticism. Given their new mandate, will CSIS soon begin to monitor facebook for dissent with the local news weather girl? Will the Farmer's Almanac come under CSIS scrutiny? If I post that I disagree with man made global warming, will the RCMP show up at my door?

All frivolity aside, CSIS seems to be readying itself to enforce Trudeau's political dictates and to label Canadians as nefarious fossil fuel burning terrorists. 

CSIS is aligning itself with the dictates of the WEF and foreshadowing it's potential future aspirations to wage war on Canada's founding principles, and as such, on Canadians. All police states are precipitated by similar patterns of development. And if foreign political meddling is occurring in Canada, and CSIS is aligned with the meddlers, WHO's left to fix it!?

Or maybe I'm just crazy

Ask Abe

Here is the CTV article Highlights below:

Climate change threatens Canadian security, prosperity, warns stark spy agency brief

Canada's spy service warns that climate change poses a profound, ongoing threat to national security and prosperity, including the possible loss of parts of British Columbia and the Atlantic provinces to rising sea levels.

A newly released analysis by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service also foresees an increase in ideologically motivated violent extremism from people who want to speed up climate change solutions and those more interested in preserving their current way of life.

The brief was prepared in April 2021 but only recently disclosed to The Canadian Press in response to an Access to Information request filed in October of that year.

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