Hate Crimes Against Catholics Spike In Canada - Brietbart

Hate crimes against Catholics in Canada more than tripled in just one year according to a new study from a Christian think tank.

On Thursday, Cardus, a Canadian non-partisan Christian think tank, released its report titled “Toward a Hopeful Future: Facing Down Religious Hate,” which found that in 2021 the “largest spike” in religiously motivated hate crimes occurred against Catholics: from 43 in 2020 to 155 in 2021.

Since 2020, over seventy Catholic churches across the country have been vandalized or burned in “suspicious circumstances,” Cardus found.

Although the spike was highest for Catholics, no religious group escaped growing aggression against people of faith, the report revealed, which coincides with an overall shift in the way Canadians view religion.

“The rise of religious hate crimes is occurring against a backdrop of increasingly negative public attitudes toward the contributions of religion and faith communities to Canada,” the report said.

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