The Whistleblower speaks: Chinese interference in Canada’s elections - Globe and Mail

CSIS whistle blower on foreign election interference drops letter to the Globe:

When I joined the public service many years ago, I swore an oath.

Not to party or to person, but to my country, to its democratic institutions and to my fellow Canadians.

When I first became aware of the significance of the threat posed by outside interference to our democratic institutions, I worked – as have many unnamed and tireless colleagues – to equip our leaders with the knowledge and the tools needed to take action against it.

Months passed, and then years. The threat grew in urgency; serious action remained unforthcoming. I endeavored, alone and with others, to raise concerns about this threat directly to those in a position to hold our top officials to account. Regrettably, those individuals were unable to do so.

In the time that passed, another federal election had come and gone, the threat of interference had grown, and it had become increasingly clear that no serious action was being considered. Worse still, evidence of senior public officials ignoring interference was beginning to mount.

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