Feds make a Truckers enemy list to target them - Redacted News

So Trudeau's Liberals made an enemy list of truckers and associated companies during the protests. This list was sent to the RCMP and banks and etc. 

Now what I'd like to know is if the government has maintained this list and if they are using it to actively punish/destroy their political enemies. I would find it interesting to know if these freedom protesters have experienced any tax audits of late. My gut tells me the tax revenue department received this list and is illegally targeting conservatives. Have any government contracts been canceled? Perhaps the RCMP forgot to send out notices for gun license renewals? Are banks still scrutinizing their transactions? Is CSIS monitoring their internet activity? This should be investigated and if any impropriety is found, charges should follow suit. Any bureaucracy found to capitulate to Trudeau's whims should be terminated and they should face legal jeopardy. 

And it goes without saying that the list (if it still exists) needs to be shoved up Trudeau's ass. And I hope he gets a paper cut!

Ask Abe.