Trudeau says he didn't force anyone to be vaccinated, and eats words - Toronto Sun - Video - Ask Abe

Trudeau and the CBC are trying to re-write history. Trudeau has been claiming he never forced anyone to get vaccinated. Apparently, he doesn't realize we just lived through it, and remember the Federal employees. We remember the nurses. We remember that people couldn't fly on an airplane or even go to a restaurant unless they had proof of vaccination. My children were required to be vaccinated to attend University, or to have bi-weekly Covid tests which cost me thousands of dollars. Why the hell does he think the trucker convoy descended upon Ottawa? It wasn't because he cheated on his wife. They didn't want to be vaccinated against Covid. And what did he do to them? If they had Federal contracts, he broke them. He then froze their bank accounts so they couldn't buy food or pay their bills. He even arrested them and incarcerated them. Hell, he even trampled an elderly lady that didn't want to be vaccinated with a bloody police horse. The man is evil scum!

Pierre Poilievre has tweeted a video showing Justin Trudeau claiming he didn't force anyone to get vaccinated. Poilievre points out he actually did.