Bearded man beats Alberta Women's Weight Lifting record - Video - Ask Abe

A bearded man just destroyed and now holds the Alberta Woman's Power-lifting record. And get this, he took the record from some trans man, the defeated and prior women's record holder.

This story gets weirder. The prior women's champion is calling the new champion a cheater for not being woman enough!!!!!!!! LOL.

This is Alberta in 2023. Insane. And our elected Alberta government is silent on the moral destruction of our culture and the degradation of our women - hell, they're in-favor of it, that's why it's occuring. 

Notely when Premier, changed the Alberta school curriculum to indoctrinate our youth into rainbow culture. Kenny won power and started to overhaul the curriculum back to historical normalcy. But he was ousted before it could all be codified. Now we have Smith at the reigns, someone who in the past has stood for rainbow proliferation. But she also claims to stand for parental rights. Though, in her Wildrose days, she did support Gay Clubs being enforced in Catholic and Christian schools -- so I think for Smith, rainbows trump religious and parental rights. So we'll have to see if she follows through on Kenny's school curriculum reforms, or dumps them. All indications point to her letting woke communist school boards continue on there previous pathway of wokification: unfettered. 

Time will tell, and women will suffer in the mean time. 

Or maybe I'm just crazy --- Ask Abe. 

Watch Video Here