Canada undercounted total number of non-permanent residents by 1M - Video - Global News

More fuel for the housing bubble!! And it makes you wonder, is "non-permanent resident" the media way of saying "illegal aliens"? So ... 1 in 40 people in Canada just crossed the border into Canada and never left? Did you catch that? When you're driving down the street, anywhere in Canada, for every 40 people you pass, one was a non-permanent resident!! That's a lot of friggin people!! Actually, it's more than that, for the 1 million he mentioned were just the ones the government didn't know about. There were obviously many others they did know about.

And without the CIBC Deputy Chief Economist reporting this, our government and our bureaucracy was oblivious???

Some would call this extreme incompetence. Others, of the conspiracy persuasion, might think the Liberals, like the Democratic Party in the USA, were trying to fill our voter booths with new impressionable voters that might be receptive to large socialist handouts.