Unvaccinated woman who was denied Organ Transplant has Died - Ask Abe

Sheila Annette Lewis has died. To refresh your memory, she was the lady that refused to be COVID vaccinated, and because of that, she was rejected for an organ transplant.

The rational for that decision was irrational. Organ transplantees have a heightened susceptibility to viral infections. Therefore, the possibility of contracting COVID unvaccinated would pose a heightened danger to her life. So to protect her life, they denied her an organ transplant. What? 

Given that the transplant was necessary for her continued survival, it is plain to everyone that their irrational rational to reject her was political in nature. Plus, if you haven't noticed ... the COVID pandemic is over.

Here's the rub. Yeah, I know Trudeau is scum and social media is abuzz about his moral ineptitude in this matter ... but, healthcare is a provincial jurisdiction. And guess where Sheila Annette Lewis lived?


So, where the hell has Danielle Smith been hiding? You know, that self described anti-COVID-vaxxer that is fully vaccinated against COVID (fully vaxxed yet people think she's against the shot). That Trudeau hating gal that actually sued the Federal Government to receive greater COVID vaccine access (she was so worried about COVID that she actually flew to the USA to be vaccinated). That dynamo that said the unvaxxed were the most discriminated group in society, and because of that, she promised that if elected Premier she would protect them from future discrimination by adding them to the Alberta Human rights code - and then ... didn't.

This situation is unnervingly familiar to Orwell's book: "Animal Farm". Smith railed against the government’s oppression of the unvaccinated. And then Smith became the government. And now Sheila is dead. Apparently, the plight of those suffering because of the prior administrations policies lost gravity to Smith when she became Premier. 

She once used the vocal social conservatives to become the leader of the Wildrose Party, and when her goal was achieved and their support was no longer an asset, she dumped them: she further rubbed salt in the wound with her candid admission that she disliked those members (so much so that she couldn't share a party with them). They were a means to power. And more recently, she has used the equally vocal anti-vaxxers to become the leader of the PC Party. Deja vue?

Sheila Annette Lewis' only option was to desperately fund-raise so she could have an organ transplant in the USA. But she ran out of time. 

Danielle could have saved her. She has the constitutional authority. Even if she had bothered to honor her campaign promise, this medical maleficence would have been a human rights violation and Sheila would have won her appeal. Hell, Danielle's finger is on the provincial purse so she could have at least covered Sheila's US medical bills. She really, really, should have saved her.

To all the Danielle Smith partisans,

Why didn't she?

Or maybe I'm just crazy

Ask Abe