Fake News, Canadian style - Ask Abe

On the front page of my paper I was greeted with this headline;

'F--- YOU, CLIMATE BARBIE': McKenna now requires security after real world threats, abuse"

Now if this isn't the quintessential example of a leftist snowflake I don't know what is. Lets put this in context. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is forcing climate legislation down our throats that is hurting us and our livelihoods. She is hurting our families and our children. And she doesn't care. She is a fool on a fool's errand. And like any politician she is accountable to her electorate. But heaven forbid that one of those icky voters would actually express their discontent and verbalize it. She is destroying lives and she wants you to shut up and take it. Don't write her a letter. Don't tell her that she sucks.

It is akin to two children sitting on a bench. A little girl keeps poking a little boy in the eye. It hurts the little boy, but she keeps poking and poking his eye. Eventually, his eye throbbing and black, he loudly exclaims, "stop it". Or depending on one's linguistic skill, "F--YOU".

Now the little girl starts crying. Her feelings are hurt. She can't believe that he told her to stop poking him in the eye. How dare Him!!

So who would write this absurd new's story? And what respectable paper would publish this garbage?  Interestingly enough, the article was written by the "Canadian press". There is no author tagged to it for credit. This article could have come from the McKenna herself for all we know.

Hurt feelings are not news.

Ask Abe