Canada's Dept Crisis!!

This should be screamed from every newspaper and news room across the country. It should be the primary political concern of all politicians and citizens. The fact that it isn't is a failure of the 4th estate. I have to give krudos to Global News for reporting on this unpopular subject. However, I dislike how they framed it, 

Canada's debt crisis: Is the federal debt as bad as it appears?

This phrasing softens the trouble we're in. There are even aspects within the video where they have liberal economist that thing everything is stellar. Their logic is that since we're doing better than a couple other countries, we're doing good. That is poor logic and akin to saying, we're dying, but so are they'. Let's get healthy then!! Yet given the extent of this crisis, and the magnitude of the players involved, and the apathy of the press ... it's easier for Alberta to simply leave this sinking ship.