`Legalities of a possible Wexit' Conference - Calgary Herald

 Is Alberta’s separation from Canada a possibility that’s even remotely feasible? And what would that process look like in action?

"Those are among the top questions panellists at a conference about the future of Alberta addressed Saturday afternoon, looking at Wexit — or Western separation — through a legal lens.

Richard Jones, a Calgary lawyer with McMillan LLP, says the single most important piece of legislation with regards to separation is the Clarity Act, which details how Canada would begin negotiations with a province wishing to secede.
A referendum asking a clear question and resulting in a clear majority would need to take place. ...
Daniel Turp, a former Bloc Quebecois MP and a longtime advocate for Quebec separation, says there are plenty of similarities between Alberta and his home province.
“The similarity is all about wanting the power to decide how laws apply and the management of your own resources,” Turp said. “This needs to be addressed. Some people think they know what’s best for others, and it’s what I think Albertans are tired of and what Quebecers have been tired of.”
When asked whether Alberta needs its own version of the Bloc Quebecois, Turp said the province already has one, with the Wexit Canada party becoming eligible to run candidates in federal elections".
 (selection from the Calagary Herald, read full article here)