Sask. premier wants to grow provincial independence after year of western alienation - Global News

Moe wants a western provincial firewall!! Global News reported that:

"The idea of western alienation became one of the dominant political themes in Saskatchewan and Alberta throughout 2019.

Much of this frustration with Ottawa has been spurred policies like the carbon tax, changes to the environmental assessment legislation like Bill C-69, and issues in getting resources to international markets.

“I think those issues have been identified by not just myself, they’ve been identified by many people across the province and also the prime minister on election night, as we saw the results with 14 Conservative MPs. That was very noticed by myself and so many others,” Premier Scott Moe said in a year-end interview with Global News.
The Conservative sweep of Saskatchewan in the Oct. 21 federal election can be seen as the climax to a growing sense of the Prairie’s frustration with Ottawa. After all, 2019 began with anti-carbon tax truck convoys to Ottawa, a similar convoy and rally in Regina and two unsuccessful court challenges against the pollution price in Saskatchewan and Ontario respectively.

This year also saw the rise of a Wexit movement. While it appears to be a fringe movement, questions on Moe’s view of Wexit dogged the premier since the election. ...
Growing that independence will be a key piece of the government’s agenda heading into 2020. Moe said there are three priorities; growing economic independence through opening international trade offices, financial independence with a balanced budget and third — looking for other areas to assert independence from Ottawa.
“We’ve talked about immigration independence and opportunities around collecting our own taxes,” Moe said.

“So this is where we’re going. This is where we have the opportunity to form our future, if you will.”