Canada is at a crossroad - Exclusive Analysis of article

"The Liberals have reached a crossroad with Alberta. What they do next could define them" -

"The decision over whether to approve Teck Resources’ Frontier oilsands mine in Alberta has brought the federal Liberals to a crossroads in their pursuit of economic growth and a cleaner environment."

Now concerning the approval of Teck Resources’ Frontier oilsands mine in Alberta:
"It is a defining moment in the life of this government.
The Liberals would prefer to deflect the blame elsewhere – in this case ... Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.
The demeanour of senior government sources suggest the project is not set to get a sympathetic hearing when it comes before cabinet later this month."
"A joint review panel from the Alberta Energy Regulator and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency recommended Frontier be approved last summer."
"But sources point out the environmental review was conducted under the process instituted by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, before the regime was overhauled by the Liberals."
And what is the effect of the liberal governments meddling on an Alberta project like this? Even if it is approved, which it likely won't be, it's not good:
"Bill Morneau, the finance minister, was in Calgary on Monday, pointing out the government’s continued commitment to the TMX expansion, despite a near doubling of construction costs"
A doubling of the construction costs do to liberal politics and policy!! Liberals are professional job killers and are major league superstars at scaring corporate investors out of Canada. And if (or when) it is officially killed, how much will that cost Alberta?
"There is the question of the jobs and the $55 billion in royalties Alberta would receive over the mine’s lifespan".
The Liberal government's unconstitutional interference in Provincial jurisdiction (resources) is going to cost Albertans 55 billion dollars. 
"Chrystia Freeland has been designated the Liberal government’s point person and the source said Kenney and the deputy prime minister have established good relations. “But we don’t believe that Freeland has a mandate to negotiate,” he said."
What? Did you catch that? Freeland was sent as the point woman to fix this problem with Alberta and the West. CBC showed her riding in on her white stallion to meet our city's left-leaning mayors to garner some congenial photo ops. We were under the impression she was sent to strike a middle line between the two conflicting sides. Yet now we hear, "we don't believe that Freeland has a mandate to negotiate". So, she is just a distraction. She has no power and no purpose. Trudeau is playing Alberta as a fool and wasting everyone's time. He has no intention to negotiate with Alberta in good faith. He wants to drag things out so the corporations will run away, saving him political face.
I could go on, but every day it grows clearer and clearer that Alberta needs to separate. 
Lets pull that separation trigger and start building our future again. 

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