Trudeau Lies and blames Alberta in Question Period - Video

"It's disgusting. This Prime Minister specifically blamed Alberta". (MP Pollievre quote from question period)

In a glaring moment of clarity on his lack of integrity and absence of character, Justine Trudeau actually had the audacity to blame the victim for the perpetrator's crime. What's even more outrageous is that the perpetrator is the Prime Minister himself. I wonder how this is possible, seeing as Trudeau tells us he's the platonic form of feminism? Everyone knows that its abhorrent to blame a rape victim for being raped. Yet here is Trudeau, blaming Alberta while Canada repeatedly rapes her.

And notice the crude sophistry Canada's leader employs, as he dishonestly points the finger at MP Pollievre and essentially calls him a liar for stating the truth. Pollievre highlighted a small aspect of the assault Alberta has endured at the hands of this government:

"For [Trudeau's] .. government's refusal to approve the Tex frontier mine, costing 7000 jobs. Add to that the 200,000 people that have already lost their jobs. Add to that the 150 billion dollars that has fled the Western economy as a result of his policies. History does repeat itself."

History does indeed repeat itself. For those of you too young to understand that reference, here is a photo of Justine Trudeau's dad, the former Prime Minister of Canada, who likewise attacked Alberta and the Western Provinces, essentially destroying their economies overnight with the stroke of a pen. And when Westerners were concerned when government policy caused them to lose their jobs, their economy, and their homes, Justine's classy father gave them the middle finger and told them to f-off.

Hey Alberta.
So you lost your house?
This is because Trudeau senior needed to steal Alberta's wealth to buy off Quebec's electorate to stay in Confederation. This is a perfect example of the `tyranny of democracy', where Eastern Canada can outvote Western Canada and so can prey on its wealth for personal enrichment.

And so Trudeau junior now falsely equivocated Pollievre's above statement with,
"he indicated that this government had refused the project. We had not. The Teck Frontier project was withdrawn by the indiv [sic].. by the company in question".

But why was the Teck Frontier project withdrawn? This project was approved by the previous administration. It had met all governmental regulations. But the governing Liberal Party of Canada, or of Eastern Canada, upon claiming power retrospectively changed the environmental regulations for approval, essentially making the project impossible to complete. Actually, it was worse than that, it made the project impossible to be qualified to even start construction. 

Teck Frontier had already taken 10 years of navigating the federal government's environmental impediments and spent over a billion dollars to satisfy the extreme federal regulatory system. All this time and money was spent only to have the Liberals change the rules, to have the finish line for the project moved after they had already won the race. 

So no Trudeau, Teck Frontier didn't JUST withdraw the project. The Liberal Government of CANADA gamed the regulatory bureaucracy and legislation to make it impossible to build. For Trudeau to make such an outrageous claim is a testament to how stupid he regards Canadians, and how evil he regards Albertans.

Honestly ... why would Alberta want to stay in Canada?

honest ABE