CTV's odd story about The Nova Scotia shooter - by ABE

As has been reported, a maniacal sociopathic killer went on a shooting rampage in Nova Scotia (NS) and murdered 22 people. Instead of rehashing what has already been reported elsewhere, I want to zoom in on an old CTV Atlantic news story, that now reads quite uncomfortably, that you likely missed in the prevalent mainstream news feed.

The NS shooter was once celebrated and highlighted as an exemplary and compassionate hero that we could emulate to better our communities. Isn’t that an oddity? CTV News previously reported this feel-good story about the killer and happily entitled it :

“There’s angels among us: Cancer survivor to receive new dentures” (on July 23, 2014).

This observation isn’t meant to disparage CTV in any way. It was a run-of-the-mill human interest story, and they didn’t do anything wrong. No one knows what a man’s future exploits may hold. But wow!! It really goes-to-show that a man’s exterior projection, his artificial public persona, is not a good indicator of the blackness that may be hidden deep inside of his heart. It also illustrates that good deeds do not mean you are not evil (Luke 6:32 (1)). This is what they reported:
A Halifax cancer survivor who lost all of her teeth will soon be sporting a new set of dentures, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Sheri (I omitted her surname) says she lost her teeth as a result of the medication she is taking, and that has left her severely depressed.

She says she doesn’t feel comfortable leaving her home, and has only been able to eat soup, scrambled eggs and jello for the last five months.

Hendsbee, a single parent, can’t afford dentures, and Medicare won’t cover the cost, but multiple Maritimers offered to help after her story aired on CTV News.
And this is where it gets interesting, a good samaritan with an inferred noble heart angelically appears to help this woman in her distress, and his name is given.
“The news wasn’t even over. I couldn’t believe it,” says Hendsbee.

“If my mom were here today, she always used to tell me that there’s angels among us that walk on the face of the earth, and to me, that’s what those people are.”

Denturist Gabriel Wortman says Hendsbee will have a new set of dentures, free of charge, by this time next week.

“My heart went out to her,” says Wortman. “There’s so many ways for people to get dentures, but it seems like the people who really need them are the people who are getting left behind.”
(full article found here)

Gabriel Wortman is the name of the mass killer, and he shares the same profession (a denturist) from the same location as the killer lived. As far as I can tell, this is the same guy.

Takeaway. A nice act doesn’t preclude evil future actions. The truth is, evil men are capable of kind acts, but they are still evil men. This highlights the divide between liberalism and conservatism, the spiritual. Liberalism doesn’t believe in evil and will wrestle with the socio-economical indicators that programmed this biomechanical Autobot into committing this atrocity. To them, it isn’t his fault. He is the victim. It is societies fault: the collective is culpable, not the man.

To the conservative, a man is an individual entity and more than the sum of his physical parts. He is NOT a materialistic robot deterministically programmed by his environment. He has free will and free volition, and he has a soul which interjects into that environmental background noise, and helps guide him on pathways to decency (or depravity, depending on the choices he makes). A man is defined by the evil he does, not by the evil done to him. This man was a murder. His soul was evil, and evil can not be veiled indefinitely. It will surface in evil acts. Evil is what evil does, and an occasional kind act or a nice disposition towards those you like (or towards someone you want something from) does not distract from the soul’s foundational opaque state.

For the political science nerds out there, this is why conservatives push for smaller government. And it is why liberals push for an ever-expanding, larger and larger government, with greater control over its citizens. To the conservative, if men are inherently evil, it is better to limit the amount of harm they can do, by limiting the size and power of the government. An evil man can do more harm when he has more power. You limit the damage by limiting his power over other people.

Liberals, inversely, feel that people are essentially good, and as such, they have no qualms about
Liberal Borg
giving someone else unbridled authority over them (by trustfully surrendering their rights and ability to object). They feel that a bigger government has a greater compacity to “program” an individual to become a state asset for the good of the many (think Star Trek’s Borg); this is achieved by education, limiting access, and forced coercion. In order to maintain this idealism, they must ignore common sense, history and spirituality.

Keep the government small. Imagine the carnage an individual like this sociopath could have accomplished if he had dictatorial powers over the citizenry. Well, we don't have to imagine now, do we? We have history's testimony on the subject.  

1. "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them" NIV