A constitution to call Alberta's own - National Post

Secession is back on the scene in Canada, only now separatist sentiment has erupted in Alberta, not Quebec. Wexit intends to run candidates in the next round of federal elections with one overriding goal: to win independence for Western Canada if the Constitution is not amended to devolve greater powers to Western provinces. ...

Codifying an Alberta constitution would be unprecedented in Canada. No province has ever enacted one even though the Canadian Constitution recognizes that provinces may, if they wish, create and in turn amend their own constitutions.

Alberta could enact a provincial constitution to great political effect. It would give Albertans an outlet to express how they define themselves and their values in a federation characterized by differing provincial interests. A constitution would give Albertans a vehicle to communicate to the rest of the country and indeed to the entire world how and why it is distinct in its culture, history and aspirations. ...

Creating an Alberta constitution would give Albertans a provincial forum and a national podium to declare both what makes them different from the rest of Canada and also why Canada is at its strongest when Alberta is a peaceful and prosperous partner in Confederation.

Secession need not be the only answer to a province’s grievances within Confederation. Codifying a constitution for Alberta and its people could help assuage some of Alberta’s misgivings with Confederation. It could also ultimately strengthen Confederation by giving voice to Albertans to express their preferred priorities and values within a Canada united around the strength of its diversity. In the end, codifying an Albertan constitution could go a long way toward giving the province some real measure of agency and independence without ever leaving country.

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