People’s Party of Alberta (PPA) Joins Wildrose Independence Party

 As posted on the Wildrose Party Website:


October 2, 2020

         After months of discussion and deliberation on the best way forward for Alberta, the entire Board of the Peoples Party of Alberta resigned today to join and support the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta (WIPA).

         To present a united front and concentrate attention and resources on the goals of generating greater independence, grassroots representation and demanding a fair deal for Alberta, Board members of the Peoples Party of Alberta and Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta have decided it makes the most sense to work cooperatively.  The two parties are philosophically very well aligned, and moving forward together will ultimately be the best option for Albertans.

         Federal Peoples Party of Canada candidates Kelly Lorencz, Paul Mitchell and Nadine Wellwood, who all sat on the Board of the PPA, hope that both PPA members and Albertans who supported the PPC federally will take a good look at WIPA and consider supporting it as the best provincial option for the values and principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, fairness and respect, as well as to stand up and fight without compromise for the interests of Albertans.

         It is an exciting time in the history of Alberta, and theres no doubt that Albertans need to stand united and fight for the values that are most important to them, said Norm Thiesen, Former President of the PPA.  “We believe by combining our efforts to create a stronger and freer Alberta proves to the public that this is not about the typical politics of egos and posturing, but is a sincere gesture to do what is right for Alberta”.

         WIPA President Rick Northy and Interim Leader Paul Hinman are excited to welcome Kelly, Paul and Nadine to the Wildrose Independence Party board. Together we invite all those who voted and supported the PPC in the last federal election to visit our website,, to join with the former PPA board and buy a membership.


Together we are stronger, together we offer a true alternative to the Kenney government.


  1. the unconstitutional vaccine mandate worked..Im still alive and I know people that have died because they had the same attitude that you are pushing. Yes Alberta is in trouble but your attitude is not going to fix the problem. We cannot afford to split the vote again and the lose the election so that Wildrose can join the UCP. Been there and the NDP won so lets unify and ensure the NDO does not win.........

    1. this post reports on unification between parties, which you seem to agree with. and i'm not really sure what a vaccine mandate has to do with that? this is an aggregator site, there are divergent visions on how separation should transpire, we post on all of them. we also post on federalist provincial firewallers and many other topics. to see what i'm "pushing", you'll have to peruse the Ask Abe section.

  2. site needs a membership form


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