A News Magazine in Italy takes interest in Alberta Separation - Atlantico Rivista Di Analisi Politica, Economica E Geopolitica

 Alberta, Canada and independence: An interview on the future of the West in Canada 

(Article translated from Italian with google translate)

"A year ago, Justin Trudeau won the federal elections in Canada for the second time, though with fewer votes and seats in 2015. The Liberal Party of Trudeau, the centre-left has basically built its relative majority in the eastern provinces of the Country, without winning almost any seats west of Ontario. The Liberals were not able at all to penetrate in the “Prairies” and it is not surprising that the strongest rejection of the federal government of Trudeau emerged in Alberta, a province that voted heavily for the Conservative Party.

However, once again, the will of the citizens of Albertans have been overturned by a majority expression of a progressive block: Eastern Canada. Alberta seems condemned to remain structurally in opposition, without any chance to have any voice in federal policy.

Can things be changed? Is there still a place for the Alberta and the other provinces of western Canada within the framework of the federal constitutional? And what can be the alternative long-term policies for the Canadian provinces to the conservative tradition? We discussed all these issues with Derek Fildebrandt, who has been the member of Parliament of Alberta from 2015 to 2019, for the conservative party-libertarian Partly , and is now the editor of the magazine Western Standard. Fildebrandt has a clear political profile from the “right libertarian” and is a convinced supporter of the self-government of Alberta."

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