CBC covered Trudeau’s socks and hair more than disgraced Liberal MPs - True North

If anyone needed evidence that the State Broadcaster is a joke they need not look any further than this expository article. It is disgusting to watch Trudeau's employees debasing themselves for his approval. If only the CBC was independant instead of the PM's timid lapdog, begging for his attention.  

Data shows that the CBC loves to talk about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hair and socks. 

In fact, the state broadcaster has dedicated 76 articles which mention either Trudeau’s hair, his beard or his hosiery. 

Out of 98 mentions in these articles, Trudeau’s hair makes a total of 50 appearances, his socks are mentioned 43 times and his beard is referenced 5 times. 

In comparison, the CBC spent more time reporting on the prime minister’s physical appearance than they did on the recent arrest of Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara over assault ... charges. ...

A number of former Liberal MPs who faced sexual harassment allegations were also relatively ignored ...

Coverage of ... RCMP spy ... was also overshadowed by Trudeau’s socks and hair, producing only 41 mentions by the CBC. 

Full article found Here.