Trudeau's terrible vaccine rollout is putting the economy at risk and we should be outraged - Financial Post

As reported in the Financial Post:

We find it shocking that more Canadians aren’t outraged about the terrible rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in this country. As of Friday, we are now ranked 38th in the world and falling rapidly according to the latest University of Oxford data on vaccinations per capita. Even more embarrassing is that we’re the only G7 country having to tap into a supply of vaccine meant primarily for poorer developing countries. ... [and]

 The Americans are currently vaccinating more people each day than Canada has in total to date.

The problem is that the transparency is so poor in this country that we have no idea what our government has done. Trudeau is steadfast in his refusing to release the details of the vaccine contracts to the premiers, who should be viewed as partners in the rollout.

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