Pastor James Coates Imprisoned: Persecution or Ploy? - The Blaze with Allie Beth Stuckely - Video

Alberta is getting negative press internationally. The Blaze's Allie Beth Stuckey has picked up on the Alberta story where a Pastor was put in jail for preaching in his Church. As this story continues to find ears across our Province, it will spell the doom of Premier Kenny. No Christian will ever vote for a party that attacks the Church. Kenny needs to fix this quickly and apologize, for he will not only have to answer to his constituents for this egregious persecution but to God.

The Video is of Pastor Coates' wife being interviewed by Allie Beth Stuckey. Here's the video preample:

Today we're discussing the idea of religious persecution regarding Pastor James Coates of GraceLife Church in Alberta, Canada. Pastor Coates has been imprisoned for holding his church services at full capacity instead of the 15% capacity mandated by the government. A point of contention among Christian circles has been whether this qualifies as religious persecution or not. To give further details and commentary on the situation, Erin Coates, the pastor's wife, joins us. We address the theology of the situation and offer some encouragement for the future.

And if Rumble isn't playing for you, here is the youtube version (I am trying to find youtube alternative sources!!)