Supreme Court of Canada rules that the federal carbon tax law is constitutional - National Post

To undermine the constitution, you have to appoint dodgy judges that haughtily regard themselves as being above the country's founding documents; judges that feel the constitution is subject to their whims and that they can change it to reflect their progressive mindset. When the judiciary is corrupt and a proxy of the Prime Minister, it is time to separate. Legal recourse is the proper tactic to remedy federal overreach, but when a country's highest court rules to undermine the rule of law, there no longer is any recourse. It is time to leave this corrupt shell of a once-great nation. 

Here is the Highlights of the National Post article:

The ruling is a blow to the governments of Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan who had been fighting the law in court

OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada has found the Liberal government’s federal carbon tax law to be constitutional, dealing a blow to the governments of Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan who had been fighting the law in court.

In a 6-3 split decision released Thursday morning, a majority of justices found the law is constitutional because reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is a matter of national concern, and the law is focused on that narrow purpose while still giving provinces the ability to come up with their own solutions. ...

To fight the law, the provincial governments in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario sent a constitutional reference to their highest appeal courts. The federal government won in Saskatchewan (with a 3-2 split on the five-judge panel) and in Ontario (4-1), but lost in Alberta (4-1). ...

The court thus accepts that Parliament can constitutionally establish a “floor” of carbon pricing across Canada because of the national concern doctrine, under which the federal government can exercise jurisdictional power not explicitly granted to it in the Constitution Act of 1867.

Read that hightlight slowly. The supreme court of Canada just admitted that this ruling is constitutionally illegal. The constitution of Canada is now worthless and law is dictated by the progressive whims and feelings of the supreme court. Welcome to the new Canada.

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