Alberta Semi Truck Runs Over Animal Rights Nut –Driver Smiles -

"The video shows a semi-driver smiling after seeming to intentionally strike an animal rights demonstrator with his vehicle in Alberta last year.

Advocate Katrina Horner is part of the Red Deer Animal Save group and says the incident, which happened on Aug. 19 near the Olymel facility, has caused her a great deal of shock." ...

"RCMP say the driver was issued a fine for failing to yield to a pedestrian, which resulted in a $776 ticket. Police did not release the driver’s identity.

Why do people stand in the middle of the street? A car/truck is coming to get out of the way don’t stand there!

What do you think?"

It looks to me like she purposefully walked out infront of him, and Semi Trucks don't stop on a dime. Dumb is what dumb does!

View Video HERE or click link below.


Full article Here.


  1. Protesters , ALL CARS MATTER and WIN when you challenge them in their natural habitat.

    This 'pedestrian' was not walking within the crosswalk indicated and crossed against the light, then stopped midway before the 'incident' occurred.
    Any Cop can see it was JAYWALKING.... but cowards with badges seem to have infiltrated RCMP and have taken it over from inside.


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