On October 18th, vote “YES” to END Equalization



Alberta needs fair treatment

Alberta has transferred hundreds of billions of dollars to other provinces through the Equalization Program. Yet in our own times of need, we have not been helped.

This is unfair.

The cancellation of tens of billions of dollars of environmentally friendly energy projects, punishing revenue transfers in the midst of a devastating recession, unemployment, bankruptcies, and more all point to the need for Alberta to shift the balance of power in Confederation back toward fairness by Ending Equalization.

Voting YES to END Equalization will restore the power of provinces to manage their own finances again. By itself, this restores fiscal fairness. Additionally, it puts us in a position to negotiate with the federal government for economic development currently being denied to us.

For instance, today, there is a ban on shipping Canadian oil off the West coast, but foreign countries can ship foreign oil on the East coast and through the Saint Lawrence seaway.

Letting Canadian oil be shipped on the West coast would be equal treatment, and the fairness Alberta deserves.

If we End Equalization, we can begin having negotiations with the federal government about equality of economic opportunity for Alberta and for all of Canada.

Vote YES to END Equalization, and restore fairness to Canada.

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