Eye Witness: The Fake Nazi Flag Story at Convoy - Ask Abe - Video

There is evidence that the Nazi flag story is a literal, if not liberal false flag story (fake news), and intelligent people are alleging that "Trudeau's personal photographer" was on scene when this flag magically appeared. It is weird that the flag momentarily appeared for a brief nanosecond, which was conveniently just enough time for a picture to be taken, and then just as quickly disappeared from the scene. You'd expect hundreds of angry phone images to flood social media if this was true ... but no, that did not transpire. Photos of a Nazi flag at the Freedom Rally remain as elusive as Bigfoot photos at the mall. Almost as if it was a setup. 

Now personally, I don't know anything about what "Trudeau's personal photographer" looks like, or even if he has one, and I don't care (unless it could be confirmed). To me, you don't need that degree of specificity to see that this story reeks. Any hack liberal journalist trying to make a name for himself could be tempted to orchestrate this narrative. Hell, if he supported Trudeau hard enough, he might even get a future Deputy Prime Minister job (like Chrystia Freeland did, she was a journalist, after all).

But there is something far more unsettling here than the above allegations. What's curious to me is why the flag carriers where all masked and covered their faces? This is perplexing for no one else at the entire protest had masks on. Slow down and think about the logical inconsistency here. The allegation is that protesters who were fighting government mandates obeyed, abided by, and listened to those same mandates while simultaneously protesting those mandates. Doesn't that strike you as being a little bit odd? They wouldn't do that. This tells me that this is false flag story. Perhaps more troubling, it indicates that news agencies are wielding fake news to propagate political propaganda. Partisan news agencies and/ or reporters are being implemented to attack and crush political dissidents for a sitting government.

I mean seriously, no one in the world, let alone Canada would pull out a Nazi flag. You know it's fake because it's absolutely preposterous. And if that wasn't enough, they had to throw in a confederate flag as well! In Canada? How stupid do they think Canadians are?

And while I believe this to be a false flag story, I did stumble upon another, likewise persuasive, alternate explanation for the flag-waggers. In the below video we have an eye witness to the flag incident retelling what he saw. What's interesting is that the person wasn't promoting Nazism, but was warning Canadians that this (being the Nazi flag) was what Trudeau was planning to turn Canada into. It was a warning against Nazism. That does put an new light on the story.

Or maybe I'm just crazy -- Ask Abe

Watch the video below and let us know which narrative you believe in the comments.

EDIT: Youtube deleted the vid. I guess they wouldn't allow an eye witness contesting the governmnent approved propaganda narrative! -- I'll repost if I find it again.