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Here's a story from MSN that lays the framework for the ensuing discussion:

Feds to spend $259M to help transform GM plants in Oshawa

The Ontario and federal governments will each spend $259 million to help General Motors Canada support and transform the company’s Oshawa and CAMI manufacturing plants.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Francois-Philippe Champagne made the announcement at the GM plant in Oshawa on Monday.

In a press release, the Ontario government announced it is “supporting a more than $2 billion investment by General Motors of Canada Company.”

The government said the money will also help with improvements across all of GM’s manufacturing and research and development facilities in the province.

So, lets get this straight: while Trudeau has a laser focus on shutting down the Western Oil Industry, he simultaneously is pouring tons of Federal money into the Eastern Auto Industry. It fits his simple mental formulation: "West Bad, East Good". So in Trudeau's mindset, why not shut down our pipelines, and invent new laws to shut down oil exploration and innovation? Why not kill western prosperity? And if that wasn't bad enough, why not use Western earnings to feed an Eastern billionaire auto manufacture?

There are so many levels of bad in this scenario that I don't know which one is the best to focus in on. So instead of droning on over the common themes you can read elsewhere, I'll zoom in on a troublesome trend that this story highlights.  

Trudeau is fascist and Canada is okay with that. 

Fascism is characterized by big Government controlling private industry, and picking winners and losers based on political expediency. Fascism uses the power of Government to elevate friends and crush enemies. It seeks to build super companies that are largely controlled by the government and which support the government and it's policies. These principals are completely at odds with free enterprise and Canada's founding principles.

Lets ignore the geographic and industrial dynamics, which are clearly evident. Instead lets ponder the oddity of funding one Eastern auto manufacture and not the other Eastern auto manufacture. The government is hand picking one company to give an advantage to, to the detriment of any other company it is in competition with. Wouldn't it be odd if GM didn't have to pay taxes, yet Toyota did? Sure that'd strike us as unfair and crooked, but if so, why wouldn't giving a quarter billion dollars to GM and not to Toyota also strike us in the same way? 

You see, this is fascism in operation, and as it grows more ingrained in our cultural mindset, it will grow more totalitarian. Yes, it's unjust, even immoral, that the Government is self- servingly meddling in people's livelihoods and industry. And it's fascist to manipulate the playing field to favor one individual over another individual, one company over another company, or one industry over the another. It is fascist for Trudeau to legislatively favor Auto over Oil for success. That is easy to highlight here but I'm doubtful that there's many Easterners that even nominally care about any Oil injustices that might have transpired or will transpire, given to the fact that they are the benefactors of the the said misdeeds. 

So given man's inherent propensity for self interest, to disrupt the Eastern apathy that blinds it to an emerging peril, I have unfurled Eastern interests in this article. I want the Eastern Provinces to see that while Trudeau's early fascism targeted the Western Economy for the East's benefit, it is now shifting to target Eastern Companies over other Eastern Companies.The creep of fascist power dynamics is growing so that Eastern companies are now being punitively disadvantaged based on governmental whim. As the government grows more refined in it's deployment this will trickle down to eventually target individuals on a national scale. You may or may not like the Trucker Convoy, but they were adding resistance to tyrannical creep and pushing back against fascist policy. Wake up and smell the swastika.

Ask Abe.


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  1. Trudeau senior stalinist bigot and his inept soy boy king spawn have a history of being stalinists with the emphasis being on stealing from the western provinces to benefit the east for the purposes of securing the eastern vote. Soy boy king sees nothing wrong with theft, nor bigotry, or lies, or villification, or criminality, or graft, or hoplophobia, or other irregularities in his NDP propped up ASSministration of liars and hoplophobes with similar ample asses like Mendocino, AND bLIAR. Never has there been a more hated "not so prime" minister in the history of the nation.

    We now have illegal immigration, runaway inflation, high fuel prices, corruption, incompetence, outright stupidity in practice with leftist censorship through the propaganda of slanted lying media outlets, and CYSTem bigotry from stalinist sops running amok.

    There is no question the public made a big mistake electing a fake man who was more interested in a leftist agenda than the best interests of the nation. Remove, investigate, prosecute and execute for treason.

  2. The author's understanding of fascism delegates too much credit to the government. Government has less control over big business than the reverse. However, that does not mean big business controls government all of the time, no matter what country you're studying. . They operate institutions throughout government and out of government with similar aims and administrations. They have an understanding. The political party that best suits big business keeps the administration in power, for a price. I don't think Trudeau is a perfect example of a fascist, though he has a tendency to use power that is supposed to be managed democratically, badly. There is far more evidence that Donald Trump is a fascist. His party's use of lobbyists is remarkable.


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