Fed's Covid Vax Injury Website, because ... you know, the jab is safe - Ask Abe

For over 2 years Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Federal Government have been telling Canadians that it is completely safe to get a Covid vaccine. 

If this was true, then why has Trudeau and the Feds created a federal support website for Canadians that have had a "vaccine injury"? It seems to me that a program for injured Canadians would be precipitated for, and necessitated by, an exceptionally large number of people that trustingly partook in the vaccination program and were subsequently damaged by it. And further, by many others that were forced to receive the jab.

The federal program stipulates that Canadians, of any age, who have been injured as a result of the Covid vaccine are eligible for monetary compensation. The website states:

"The amount of financial support an individual will receive will be determined on a case by case basis. Amounts will be based on a pre-determined financial support payment framework. The framework will align with compensation provided under the Qu├ębec Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and informed by other public and private sector injury compensation practices."

The severity of these "vaccine injuries" sounds serious. Infact, they sound very serious in light of the fact that Canada already offers free universal health care to its citizenry. So if this compensation isn't for healthcare, then it seems likely that it was created to indemnify those unfortunate sods that lost their capacity to earn a living. Rephrased, they are no longer capable of working because they took the vaccine!

People trusted Trudeau and they lost their health. People trusted Dr. Tam and Health Canada and they lost their health. People trusted in the federal government and the ruling liberal party and they lost their health. People trusted the CBC and legacy media and they lost their health.

Others were forced and coerced into taking the vaccine, and they lost their health.

Here's a reminder of key events and promises broken, carefully documented in a cornucopia of sources. And note how quickly Trudeau's dictates unfold into a dark, and then even darker trajectory:

Trudeau Says The Feds Won't Make COVID-19 Vaccines Mandatory For Anyone In Canada."

Trudeau maintains all approved vaccines safe for Canadians."

Canada's top Doc Tam says vaccine is safe and "Tam warns of vaccine disinformation as many Canadians remain wary".

Trudeau says Canadian's no longer have any excuses to NOT get vaccinated." 

Trudeau Says Unvaccinated People Have To Accept The 'Consequences' Of Their Decision" 

In October 2021, the federal government mandated that anyone travelling by air, train, or ship, must have had the required number of COVID-19 vaccines in order to travel. This travel ban has prevented approximately six million vaccine-free Canadians (15 per cent of Canada’s population) from travelling within Canada and also prevents them from flying out of Canada."

Justin Trudeau says people who chose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19 must accept the consequences of those decisions, including lost employment and restricted access to transportation and other services."

Trudeau government wants provinces to force vaccine on unwilling Canadians."

Cross-border trucker vaccine mandate among COVID-19 rules still in place. Truckers looking to cross the Canada-U.S. border will still need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, despite the federal government lifting other health measures for travellers."

Unvaccinated protesters private property seized, bank accounts frozen over connection to Freedom Convoy."

In jail for more than 100 days, Pat King 'beat down,' ... a Freedom Convoy leader, remains in jail 113 days after being arrested.  

Pat was arrested for protesting a law that stripped him of his ability to make a living, and essentially took away his livelihood. This was all because he didn't trust in the government's insistence that the vaccine was both necessary and safe, a point on which, for many, he has now been proven correct. 

Infact, hundreds were arrested for resisting Covid vaccinations. When the only choices available to you are getting the vaccine or becoming homeless, you sometimes have to make a 3rd way and take the exceptional step of traveling to the seat of Government, traveling a `thousand miles' in the hope that the detached policy makers will see you and understand, and become sympathetic to how their policies are destroying your life. 

Instead, Trudeau beat them back with sticks, pepper sprayed them, froze their bank accounts so they couldn't pay their bills or feed their children, and then proceeded to throw many in jail.

After all this, a website silently appears detailing a federal assistance program, a program that admits that serious injuries were caused by the forced vaccinations. I surmise this is a preemptive strike to take the steam out of any developing class action lawsuits, and the turbulent bad press that that would have generated. It's clearly evident that they're not sorry, otherwise they would have apologized. And we all know that Trudeau never misses an opportunity to bemoan and cry on the CBC, with sobs and `sorrys' about, well, pretty much anything. No, the truth is that this isn't about penance, it's nothing more than damage control.

If you were injured by the Covid vaccine, submit a claim Here.