Suncor Selling Wind, Solar Assets - Natural Gas Intelligence

Anyone else think that the sale of these assets is an indicator that they don't work? Take the government subsidy to build it, and then kick that can down the road to the next wide-eyed investor and pocket the cash.

Suncor Energy Inc. plans to sell its wind and solar portfolio for C$730 million ($547 million) to a subsidiary of Calgary-based Atco Industries Inc. ... 

Suncor’s wind and solar assets include 111 MW generated by 75 wind turbines in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Another 45 turbines, capable of 200 MW, are under construction in southeastern Alberta. A 220 MW Alberta solar power project is on the drawing table. ...

The environmental fuels arm that Suncor is keeping includes Canada’s top ethanol plant at Sarnia, using 40 million bushels/year, or 20% of the annual Ontario corn crop to make 105 million gallons. 

Hmm. We're using farmland to replace fossil fuels, so that land will no longer be making food. Anyone else see a problem with this dystopian trajectory and where it could lead?

Suncor also is working on projects that include investments in a Quebec biofuels plant under construction at Varennes, a Lanzajet Inc. green aviation gas project at Soperton, an Alberta hydrogen partnership and trials of fuel cell trucks.


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