Musk calls Trudeau online bill an attempt to “muzzle” Canadians - True North

Elon Musk has waded into the discussion over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plans to further regulate online conduct and speech (via governmental controlled censorship legislation in Bill C-11), calling it an attempt to “muzzle” Canadians.

The owner of Twitter was responding to a social media post by True North’s Andrew Lawton concerning the bills.

“Canada’s Liberal government wants to regulate internet content and deputize social media companies to enforce ‘hate speech’ bans (with a low and murky threshold for what ‘hate speech’ is). I hope [Elon Musk] takes a stand against this,” Lawton posted, late Tuesday evening.

“Sounds like an attempt to muzzle the voice of the people of Canada,” Musk wrote to Lawton on Wednesday morning. 

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