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This video presents an interesting discussion on the state of the US economy (and by proxy, the Canadian economy), and how the powers that be are planning to navigate the coming economic crisis to transition into the Great Reset. When things fall apart, `they' want to be the ones that maintain control on the other side.

Given that this collapse will inevitably occur if we continue to trudge along this road of Keynesian insanity, it suddenly becomes painfully obvious as to why the Canadian government is obsessed with gun policy, and the removal of firearms from the Canadian people. 

When you take all of a man's hard-earned gold, he'll have nothing left to give but lead. What stops a crook from reaching his fingers into another man's pocket and stealing all his money? It's the realization that the man he's stealing from will in turn fill his pocket with lead (aka a bullet). 

So one of the stumbling blocks for a smooth governmental transition to the Great Reset is firearms: and hence their need for firearms control. And by control, we mean the elimination of all guns from Canadian civilians; which is the elimination of a civilian's ability to object in a meaningful way to armed governmental authorities that wish to reduce them to slavery. 

People with guns want to make it illegal for you to have a gun, so they can safely transition you from middle class prosperity to serfdom: from middle-class to serf class. "You will own nothing, and you will be happy". They will own everything, including you.

Suddenly it becomes uncomfortably clear why the Trudeau government would try to legislate the illegality of handguns and hunting rifles. Inevitably, when you give up your guns you'll be forced to give up your labour and freedom. 

Ask Abe 

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Your Bank Can Legally Seize Your Money, 'Too Late' to Stop Hyperinflation & The Great Reset