Is the US prepping for Nuclear War?! - The Hill

US purchases $290 million of drug for use in radiological and nuclear emergencies 

Now that is a lot of money, and a lot of drugs. It sounds suspiciously like the US is concerned that they might be nuked, and soon. Are they afraid of Russia? Or of China, who seems dead set on conquering Taiwan. It makes you wonder what they're not telling us. Here's the story:

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says it has spent $290 million on a drug to treat radiation sickness in the event of a nuclear emergency.

The HHS Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response announced in a Tuesday release that it bought the drug Nplate from Amgen USA Inc. “as part of long-standing, ongoing efforts to be better prepared to save lives following ... nuclear emergencies.”

Acute Radiation Syndrome, caused by exposure to a high dose of radiation, can cause a range of symptoms. Severe cases can wreak devastating effects on the body, including destruction of bone marrow and internal bleeding, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

Nplate, which can be used for both adults and children, is aimed at reducing the uncontrolled bleeding often caused by radiation ...

United Nations Secretary-General ... called for ... the global elimination of nuclear weapons in order to prevent “humanitarian Armageddon.”

Yeah, like that's going to happen. We need a good diplomat, not a Beatle's song lyricist. 

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