Reasons for Alberta to Separate: Pension Contributions by Province - Fraser Report

Note this Graph. If Alberta separates, the rest of Canada will not be able to retire!! Alberta's funds are being sent out to other Provinces to fund their pensions. Each Province should fund it's own population's pension. 

We recently released an analysis of Albertans’ contributions to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) over the last 10 years (2008-2017). The analysis compared the contributions paid by Alberta workers with spending by the CPP on retirees and other beneficiaries residing in Alberta. The study found that in the most recent year of analysis, 2017, Alberta workers contributed $2.9 billion more to the CPP than was spent on beneficiaries in the province. The cumulative 10-year number was $27.9 billion.

An important and interesting question not covered in the study was the comparison of Alberta to the other eight participating provinces. The chart below illustrates the provincial comparisons over the 10-year period of the study.

Alberta clearly contributes more than any other province despite its comparatively smaller population to Ontario and British Columbia. Specifically, Alberta’s $27.9 billion net contribution over this period is almost four times greater than Ontario’s and nearly 5.5 times greater than B.C.’s despite having a much smaller population.

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