Canuk lower courts were complicit in lockdowns that violated rights - Ask Abe

The National Post reported:

"Did the Canadian lockdowns violate the rights of citizens? A recent decision by an Alberta judge in the case of Ingram v. Alberta (Chief Medical Officer of Health) answered “yes” to this question."

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As Murphy's law stipulates, what can go wrong will go wrong. And the lower courts got all things related to COVID wrong: as seen here in 2020:

Judge refuses to grant stay in legal challenge of Alberta's COVID-19 restrictions

But on the plus, higher courts are now hearing these appeals and starting to allow sanity to enter the equation. (This is how the system works, justice gets several kicks at the can to sieve out stupid judges and find a fair ruling).

It seems that a astute Baptist Church has fought tooth and nail against the Alberta government to elicit a ruling that invalidates (potentially) all the charges previously laid against COVID lock-down resistors. 

See Ingram decision Here

So if you know a baptist, tell them "thank you". 

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